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Whether you’re looking to advance your career or start
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Empower Your Career

All our Beauty Courses are taught be Tutors with top quality industry knowledge. You will learn these skills in a small group no more than 2 students per course to ensure you get the best quality training. We provide you with lifetime support after you complete a course with us along with a Student Support Group. Take a look below at the beauty courses available, and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

Individual Lash Extensions

Our Individual Eyelash Extension Course is perfect for beginners looking to get into the lash industry. No previous experience required as our beauty educators will provide you with all the knowledge you need to set off your new career. You have the option to book this course with or without a kit.

Your Course will cover –

Individual Lash Extensions, £340 inc Vat Includes a full Lashbase Kit

Russian Eyelash Extension Course

Our Russian Lash Extension Course is perfect for those looking to progress their lash skills and to offer a ever growing popular service. You will be required to have a minimum of 6 months experience in Individual Lashes before you can take this course. We have the option to provide you with a kit for this course if required or you can choose to sit the course without a kit.

This Course Covers –

Russian Lash Extensions £220 inc Vat

Dermaplaning Facial Course

Our Dermaplaning course is one of the most popular facial treatments available. You must meet the pre-requisites to take this course which is a minimum of a facials qualification. Don’t have this don’t worry! We offer a Luxury Facials course that will give you the skills you need to progress to Dermaplaning.

This Course Covers –

Dermaplaning £350 inc Vat inc Kit

Henna Brow Course

Henna Brow is a popular brow treatment for those clients with little hair to add a bit of fullness and shape to the brow and also those that like a nice full brow!

This Course Covers –

Henna Brows, £190 inc Vat

Brow Lamination Course

Our Brow Lamination Course is a fantastic treatment for those sparse brows or just to make your brow look full. Brow Lamination is one of the most popular beauty treatments on the market currently so make sure you’ve got this on your treatment list. We can provide you with a kit for this course or you can opt out of a kit.

This Course Covers –
No previous experience is required for this course.

Brow Lamination £190 inc Vat

Lash Lift and Tint Course

Our Lash Lift and Tint Course tends to fill up fast, so make sure to sign up today to reserve your spot. Lash Lift is a must have treatment for those clients that either aren’t suited to lash extensions or prefer the natural ready to go look! This course can be taken with the option of a kit or without so make sure you let us know what you would prefer.

This Course Covers –

Lash Lift & Tint, £190 inc Vat

Luxury Facial Course

Start your beauty career with a Luxury Facials course covering all the basics of a facial leaving you feeling confident to walk away and offer this as a treatment. Facials are a good way in if your looking to advance treatments also. This course is suitable for beginners or just those wanting to add facials into their portfolio.

This Course Covers –

Luxury Facial Course £190 inc Vat

Hot and Warm Waxing Course

This course is fantastic as its the go to for most people for hair removal and by far the most popular. We will cover all areas of hot and warm waxing within this course leaving you with the knowledge to go on and leave your clients hair free!

This Course Covers –

Hot & Warm Waxing, £190 inc Vat

Microdermabrasion Course

Our Microdermabrasion course is a brilliant treatment to be able to provide to your clients. On this course you will learn how to remove the top layer of dull, aging cells from the surface of the skin. This treatment will smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, decrease the appearance of hyper-pigmentation, reduce acne scarring and scar tissues, rejuvenating the skin promoting new cell growth. You must meet course pre-requisites which is a minimum of a Facials qualification.

This Course Covers –
Microneedling Facial Course

Our Microneedling Facial course has been a great fit for many of our students in the past that have been looking to up their game in Facials!

This course is intensive which covers both the theory and practical of skin needling. Cosmetic needling is a treatment which we use a pen device covered with tiny micro-needles which penetrates through the top surface layer of the skin, creating channels without causing damage to the skin. Serums are applied to the skin via the channels made from the micro-needles.

After completion you will be fully qualified to carry out this treatment as a professional service.

This Course Covers –
You must check with your insurance that you meet the pre-requisites for this course.

Microneedling Facial, £360 inc Vat

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is one of the most popular mainstreams in holistic therapies. Our course will guide you through all of the traditional massage techniques for the front and back of the body so that you can deliver a very effective and therapeutic treatment for your client. This course will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to move onto more advanced massage courses. Contact us today with any questions or for more information.

No pre-requisites are required for this course.

Swedish Massage £180 inc Vat

Hot Stone Massage

Our Hot Stone massage course is an advanced massage so you must have a basic Swedish massage qualification to do this course.
We cover the use of hot stones and how to incorporate them into a nice relaxing massage. You will learn the effective and healing massage that is used by many as a treatment for a variety of ailments, both mental and physical. You will learn how to use the stones to your clients specific needs and also the history in relieving muscle tension and the purpose of hot stone massage.
Get in touch with our admissions office, they’ll be happy to help.

Hot Stone Massage £180 inc Vat

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting

Our eyelash and brow tinting course is perfect for beginners getting into the beauty industry. We will cover all the health and safety, anatomy and the use of tinting. Eyelash tinting is perfect for those looking for a natural look along with brow tinting these two treatments go hand in hand. If this is what you’re looking for, make sure to sign up today. Feel free to reach out with any questions or to learn more.

Lash & Brow Tinting, £130 inc Vat